Hawaii Life : McCully-Moiliili Public Library

 미국 내 도서관 중 한국서적을 가장 많이 보유하고 있다고 알려진 맥컬리-모일리일리 공공도서관에 다녀왔습니다. 뭐 오래되고 재미 없는 책들만 가득 있겠지 생각하며 별 기대없이 갔는데 신간 책도 생각보다 많았고, 깨끗한 책 보관을 위해 투명책커버까지 일일이 쌓여져 있는 청결한 도서관리에 깜짝 놀랐습니다. 대부분의 직원들도 한국분들이시라 마치 하와이 속 작은 한국에 들어 온 것 같은 기분을 느꼈습니다. 

My Favorite Plants

Spanish Moss in Jeju Hallim Park 

Spanish Moss in Jeju Hallim Park 

Ironwood in Kona, Big Island

Ironwood in Kona, Big Island

One Day : Studio,Cafe & Gallery

My husband and I love this studio cafe Damhwahun in Jeju. Whenever we are in Jeju, we go to this studio a couple of times. One ceramists couple run this studio, sell their work, have workshops and organize a local market with the local arts and hand/homemade community.  Mr. Kang, a well-known Onggi potter, fires most of their work in their a large wood and salt kiln in between the restaraunt and studio. I do really want to have the studio like this one day. The words I would like to have for our studio is that nature, woodkiln, cafe, studio, gallery, community market, nice coffee&tea, Interior, ceramic installation and good music. 

New Businesscard Arrived!

I just got my new businesscards I ordered. Printing works always make me feel excited. I like this product from Moo.com, their package is awsome. One day When I settled into my ceramic business well, I would like to do more design workwith this website. I hope something nice will happen to me with my new cards.


Businesscard Order

Today I've made my new business card and ordered them in online website moo.com.  Their template looks good and is easy to use. I made two types and used four images of my works. Hopefully it will come out nice.


Work Back

I am enjoying my house porch studio works. Even it is small space, I can still make something fun to me. This is possible because this is Hawai'i. 


Little objects inspired by the sea lives. 


New pattern and style studying. 


Glazed with Nick's misfire in UH.


The show Ceramics of Hawai'i in Honolulu art museum of art school. 


Move to the next! Be ready to work!  

Onggi Master Kang-hyo Lee's studio visiting

His studio works : wall decors, jars, pots, and bowls

Straw, reed, and dry flower decors and Fire Bricks Plinth

His last exhibition works are sitting next to the wood kiln.

Wheel spot.

The plates I loved!

Special Brushes!

Traditional roof making way.

Test Tiles

Texture test tiles on the walls. 

His first solo show works.

New works in process.

 Kanghyo's wife's beautiful plates. 

Studio Motto :  Your life will be enriched when you work less and use less.